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How We Work

Gilbert + Chittenden (G+C) use the principles and practices of design thinking – a human-centered approach to innovation.  With strong emphasis on empathy and creativity, our design thinking work helps organizations imagine the future they want to create and to apply the ideas, skills and actions to get there.


We believe the very best ideas are like puzzles - each person in your group has one of the pieces but nobody has all of them.  We have helped clients build internal capacity for innovation, develop long-term strategies, and rethink their services, products, and their cultures.

Fractional Chief Innovation Officer 

Innovation is not an event, it is an ongoing process. The day you cease thinking creatively is the day you become irrelevant​.  Only a few organizations are large enough to support a full-time Chief Innovation Officer, but everyone needs a continual stream of fresh thinking and employee engagement.

G+C provide fractional Chief Innovation Officer services for organizations that look to improve their communications and build cultures of creativity.  In this role, we serve as meeting facilitators, idea sounding boards, and innovation coaches.  

Strategic Visioning 

G+C provide strategic visioning services. Beyond strategic planning, we help organizations create clarity around their "Why?" and synthesize the trends that impact our lives and our work. We create customized tools for our clients to help them make vision-aligned decisions as their context changes.

Strengthening Learning

Building on Dan Gilbert's background is in design thinking with a special emphasis on learning, G+C work with universities, policymakers, educators, and students to find the very best ways to combine the power of online learning with the joys of face-to-face learning experiences.  We facilitate strategic planning for higher education, lead workshops on innovation and learning, and teach undergraduate and graduate courses on design thinking and designing learning spaces.

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